Softies by Dana Lee Softies by Dana Lee Gourdelia Dana Lee unavailable (Holidays) 2897447 Sweetie Pie Dana Lee $100 US, postage included All of my soft dolls are hand stitched (Dolls) 8843045 Little Golden Horse Dana Lee unavailable 9671170 Crow Dana Lee unavailable, but I can make these 3x4 in wool birds in your choice of colors for $35 US, postage included. 63532415 Evangeline Dana Lee unavailable 91816457 Raggedy Restored 2 ft 1947 Georgene Raggedy Ann. Let's not say she was a mess, but thoroughly cleaned and restored. She's all original underneath. $110 US, postage included. I might be able to restore Your old doll, miracles happen. Talk to me. 115674127 Muffin Dana Lee 7 in, cotton, tapestry, Merino wool, wool, silk, beads, acrylic enamels, lace, ribbon, $33 US, postage included. 117079881 Malory Dana Lee 28 in flapper boudoir doll. Muslin body, acrylic enamel face paint, wool wig, cotton and lace removeable pajamas and slippers. Stuffed with poly, lavender, lemon grass, and rosemary. Crystal, Labradorite, and Chalcedony jewelry. $150 US, postage included. Addition: pretty cotton gown, trimmed with lace and beads, (not shown). 153322766 Aleister unavailable 169914657 Aibell unavailable 198605647