Tuatha de Danaan

The Wisdom to Wonder

Posted on March 15, 2015 at 4:00 AM

God, with one eye opened, envisioned it all from the get-go...

with a spark of a blink, probably proton,

geometrical, white light.


The Sun, burning sphere of vital light,

the Moon, rocking the dark tide,

planets, all, and stars alike,

casting die, fate,

drawings on the wall of a cave.


The nut never falls far from the tree

should rather be the fruit,

for where the father

may be Johnny Appleseed,

Orion, analyzing the situation,

logical nonsense,

running with the changing game,

cheating to win,

too quick to know which end is up,

from the mother we feed,

nurturing nature,

astrological ancestry,

blood stained tears from the Moon,

impulsive intent,

memories, ghosts from the cave,

what to gather, and where,

herbs, poison, cures,

magic words,

salt left at the mouth of the tidal cave.

She was Lilith, or a saint,

witches and whores,

sin and passion.

Pluto was so far removed

that he sold The Way to love for silver,

who was not forsaken

to the organized mob of cruel nature:

Science, Philosophy, politics, economics, religion in general,

name it... but, rather, returned to the one constant comforting chaos of 

light, alive and well, riding the wave of eternity.


The Wisdom to Wonder
The Wisdom to Wonder by dollsandmagic
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