Tuatha de Danaan


Posted on October 13, 2014 at 12:55 AM

Ebili crouched in dark wet caves,

away, away from men,

waiting in the dark,


with her coven of bright eyed bats.

Warm mothers, a colony, each

knowing her single child's bat scent,

leaving a stink filth warning,

Ebili's protective spell,

to keep man away,

away from her cave,

into The Nether Worlds,

with only the dark worms feeding.

The camp is taken:

netted, murdered, skinned, and eaten:

travesty reserved for worst enemies,


travesty against Ebili,

dark sister, in the cave,

waiting quiet,

quite alone,

now loosed vengeance,

dark vampire,

cunning, and swift,

eating from the inside,

bat curse,

descending, dark reign.



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