Greetings!*  I'm from Pennsylvania. I've grown partial to the hills and woods. I love the ocean and travel. I lived in the South for a spell, but I'm afraid of the storms. I adore Gettysburg, New Orleans, and Lily Dale... a few of my favorite haunts. I'd really like to see Galway, County Clare, Ireland, Vienna, and Venice. I love old houses, cemeteries, ancient things.

I'm a wyrd concoction: German, Austrian, Romanian, Irish, English, Welsh, French Canadian, Seneca, and Chippewa.

Formerly an English and Art teacher, I'm an avid reader and writer when the mood strikes.  I'm something of a scribe.  I've stopped counting my novellas, that's what I'd call most of my books. They are mostly ghost stories, a book about a vampire, Civil War settings... things like that. They go way back. I'd like to see my last novel published and my Tarot deck too. I've done other, illustrated things too. I do not work to be published though, or so it seems. Some writers I can't do without are  Amy Tan,  W.B. Yeats, Tennyson, Keats, Mary Stewart... among others... I love old histories: Lorna Doone, Wuthering Heights, Tom Jones, Gone With The Wind...,  but Dracula might be my first Favorite book.  I could talk forever about books though, especially some of the Long ones I read. I'm all about inspiration, I take it religiously. I think my long literary history has had the biggest influence over my arts. I believe Art is a Very Big word. I have painted and made dolls for as long as I can remember. I'm really a seven year old at heart. I'm intrigued by the supernatural...faeries and ghosts... I love animals and music, especially owls, cats, and Kate Bush. Dark Shadows is my latest obsession... I'm pretty obsessive... passion's slave... that's me. 

Excalibur is my favorite film. I like to bake cookies, walking, and gardening. I collect antiques, notably china head dolls. I dream a lot, sometimes scary dreams, all sorts... I trust my intuition. My mother always said that I have a wild imagination; I guess that's True. I don't like to talk about myself, or other people, for that matter. I find most people to be selfish and inconsiderate. They think they "Know Something" but haven't got a clue.  I'm pretty philosophical and hopeless. I am interested in religion, history, magic, and Art mostly. I laugh at myself, because I can be rather childish, but never petty. I get miffed when people try to convince me of something that I know isn't right or True. I was never one to go along with the crowd. If You were to call me a romantic, in the true sense of the term, You wouldn't be wrong.

I have some funny notions. I Wonder sometimes...

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